ISSUE 3·2022
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Dear colleagues,

This summer, we as a family decided on short notice to spend our vacation at the seaside on account of the excruciating heat. We came across the beautiful region near Utrecht in the Netherlands, but we weren’t aware of one thing: it was also Pride week. Suddenly we found ourselves in Amsterdam amid huge crowds and an enormous wave of colors. The city was buzzing; the canals were filled with party boats vibrating to the beat of the music; everyone was in high spirits. It was wonderful! We arrived just in time for Europe’s biggest parade for the Pride week celebrations! There’s no doubt that massive events such as this are one of the most spectacular ways to show how much we welcome diversity!

These thoughts remind me of GF. Confetti and colorfully decorated building facades are not (yet) part of everyday life. But where do we stand today as an industrial corporation, founded more than two centuries ago, in terms of diversity and inclusion? How firmly is diversity – a diversity that welcomes everyone – rooted in our company? How multifaceted and inspiring is our everyday life? We encounter these questions in the Spotlight section of this issue.

But only to reveal this much: GF recently adopted a corporationwide directive that firmly establishes our guiding principles on diversity, commitment and inclusion.

We hope you enjoy reading and exploring this issue!

Isabel Proske
Globe Project Manager

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What has been your experience of diversity and inclusion at GF? What do you think about this latest issue of Globe? How are you planning on using the postcards in this issue? We’re interested in hearing your opinion and impressions. Write to us at:

Spotlight | Cover Story

graphic © Ian Teh

Diverse but one GF

We are successful because of our differences. Examples from the world of GF show that when we live diversity and inclusion we can all benefit from the inspiration it provides. Check out our cover story.

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Spotlight | Insider’s View

graphic © Rose Time

Diversity is not a program for minorities

A diverse and inclusive workspace is important for the success of a company. Corporate consultant and diversity expert Hans Jablonski discusses how companies can best position themselves.

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Spotlight | Your View

graphic © private

What does diversity and inclusion mean for you?

Everyone is talking about diversity and inclusion. But what do these words mean in a work context? Four colleagues from different regions share their personal views.

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Spotlight | Infographic

graphic © Pia Bublies

Diversity is a fact, inclusion an act: Why we need both

What benefits do diversity and inclusion bring to companies? And where does GF stand? Let our facts and figures do the talking.

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Spotlight | CEO Corner

graphic © GF

Building a diverse GF

CEO Andreas Müller talks about inclusive leadership to build winning teams.

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Spotlight | Postcards


Postcards in the printed Globe

Have you spotted the postcards included with the print edition? They contain messages about diversity and inclusion that you can use to show your appreciation to a teammate, or as inspiration to put at your workplace. What next? Just get a printed copy at your location and get started!

Care | Hidden Hero

graphic © Charlie Neuenschwander

A man you can count on

Cade Daley had no training as a disaster worker, nor as a paramedic. But when a tornado devastated his hometown, he went there to help without thinking twice. Read his story here.

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Care | My Best Lesson

graphic © Uli Knörzer

A culture that accepts mistakes is necessary for success

Kurt Schneider is no stranger to changes in either his professional or private life. He has often been under great pressure in his career and has had to deal with criticism. This has taught him a lot. Read about it here.

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Care | A Strong Team

graphic © Michael Ryan

Together against the odds

Commissioning a new plant is difficult during a pandemic. The new GF Casting Solutions plant in Shenyang was built in less than 12 months, thanks to the work of a professional team. Find out more in "A Strong Team".

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Create | On Site

graphic © Michael Ryan

A ‘super plant’ for the future

GF Piping Systems has been represented in China since 1997. The old factory in Shanghai had become too small, so production was moved 280 kilometers away to a site in Yangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. "On Site" gives us the full scoop.

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Create | Our Markets

graphic © GF

The future is big

In the past, vehicle bodies and structures were assembled from many separate pieces. In the future, the body and structure will consist of fewer and larger lightweight structural parts. This reduces weight and increases production efficiency, and it’s no different at GF Casting Solutions. Learn more in "Our Markets".

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Create | Innovator’s Insight


Digital assistance around the clock

A software suite from GF Machining Solutions ensures that customers can get help with their machines faster and more efficiently. Digital Services Business Developer David Labadie is in charge of rConnect and explains the service solution in "Innovator’s Insight".

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Time Machine: 1963 © © Eisenbibliothek

Keen eye for detail

Plant photographer Max Graf took this photo in 1963 for a report on an all-female class of apprentice drafters in the employee magazine GF Mitteilungen. The former GF employee here is working at the drawing board with a straight edge, ruler, and compass.

Draftswomen made detail drawings and working drawings for production components. GF began training women in the 1950s, initially only for office jobs such as payroll clerk or draftswoman. The first women in workshop jobs at GF started in 1972 as model makers.

Position: Technical draftswoman
Apprenticed at GF since: 1961
Location: Schaffhausen (Switzerland)


Connect | Our Customers

graphic © Sebastian Vollmert

Clean energy from salt water

What if we could harness an unlimited source of clean energy? GF Piping Systems is helping SaltPower generate CO2-free electricity by osmosis. Read about its progress in "Our Customers".

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Connect | There´s GF in It

graphic © Shutterstock


For many connoisseurs and aficionados, wine is more than just a drink – it’s a way of life. Around the world, fine wines are very popular. GF products contribute to turning ripe grapes into excellent wine. You can read about it here.

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Connect | Did You Know?

graphic © GF

Videos and images using just datasets

GF Casting Solutions is constantly producing new cast components. It was always very time-consuming to photograph them for brochures and websites. Times have now changed, thanks to Product Viewer. Read here for four facts about the software.

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Your feedback: Learning from longstanding colleagues


Dear Globe Team,

It would be nice to have a column in Globe that includes special birthdays or anniversaries of long-time colleagues, possibly including a brief survey of the things that they appreciate most about GF and things that they appreciate less, as well as the reasons why. We could learn from more experienced people, as well as gain personal insights.

Participant of the 2021 Globe reader survey


Dear colleague,

Thank you for your inspiring feedback. You are addressing a very important aspect that we want to achieve with Globe: to strengthen the level of exchange with each other and to bridge the age divide. We are currently evaluating our options to determine how best to go about this. Using the special anniversaries of experienced colleagues as a starting-point for the cross-generational approach is certainly a viable idea that we would like to consider in a more concrete manner.

In order to find exciting contributions in every area, we are especially dependent on suggestions from you, our readers.

Your Globe editorial team

And you?

Have any feedback about Globe or a question for the Globe editorial team? Then send us an e-mail at:


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