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Off to new shores!

Dear colleagues,

What makes us “us”? What defines GF? We are a company with a history steeped in tradition and a unique founder who is celebrating an impressive anniversary this year. And what is it that makes us keep raising the bar? Our research on this topic made the following clear: being a pioneer at GF means to burn for a cause, to be courageous and to stay curious. For us, pioneering spirit is more than just a buzzword, it’s a passion that permeates every nook and cranny of the company. Discover with us the many facets of our pioneering spirit! We will share this much up front: the topic is magical and has given rise to so many story ideas that it was hard to make a choice.

Now, guess what: the first paragraph was not penned by me. Rather, guided by a pioneering mindset, those words were generated with the help of an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot called ChatGPT. And that’s not the only new thing we have been trying out at Globe. From now on, we’re telling the Spotlight story and the intro double page from the point of view of ONE GF, so the focus is now on GF as a whole, rather than on the single divisions.

We are also breaking new ground in our editorial team. No, not with artificial intelligence, but as before, with human wit and skill. Following my exciting interim year for Globe, my colleague Carsten Glose is taking the helm to continue to lead Globe into the future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a big thank you for all the enthusiasm and creativity I have had the pleasure of sharing with you.

Stay curious!

Isabel Proske
Globe Project Manager

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Spotlight | Cover Story

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Breaking new ground

Pioneering spirit has inspired GF since 1802.The Spotlight story tells some of the stories of how our employees and their innovative teams are leading GF into the future today and what pioneering feats the company has performed in the past.

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Spotlight | Insider’s View

graphic © Anja Blacha

“Take a leap of faith”

When you think of a pioneer, it doesn’t get much better than someone who set out alone to ski to the South Pole. Anja Blacha, a 32-year-old expeditioner, philosopher and speaker, talks in an interview about what it means to test limits.

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Spotlight | Your View

graphic © private

Why is pioneering new ways important for you?

Letting go of the old and opening up to the new seems like a risk – until we dare to take the step and experience the possibilities that appear before us. Four GF employees talk about how the pioneering spirit enriches their lives.

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Spotlight | Infographic

graphic © Klawe Rzeczy, Eisenbibliothek

A tradition of daring

GF founder Johann Conrad Fischer was the company’s first pioneer. His curiosity lives on in people who continue to develop clever ideas. Our infographic introduces a few of them.

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Spotlight | CEO Corner

graphic © GF

Embracing GF‘s pioneering spirit

CEO Andreas Müller talks about the special “culture of empowerment” at GF and the importance of venturing into the unknown with courage and an optimistic mindset.

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Care | Hidden Hero

graphic © Stefan Meyer

Volunteering raises spirits

Renate Stadelmann from GF Casting Solutions took in a family from Ukraine and helped them get a fresh start. What started out as simply helping others in need turned into something much bigger.

Hidden Hero tells the whole story.

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Care | My Best Lesson

graphic © Uli Knörzer

Do the thing that you fear

Allen Zhong has learned that challenges don‘t just go away if you ignore them. They can only be overcome if you tackle them head on. My Best Lesson tells how Allen went about accomplishing this feat.

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Care | A Strong Team

graphic © Thomas Oehninger

Bringing ideas to life

Last year, GF launched the Susty Fund, an initiative that encourages employees to get involved in sustainability. You can read about it here.

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Create | On Site

graphic © Adobe Stock 

At the heart of China’s car industry

GF set up a local production site in Shenyang to be close to key customers of GF Casting Solutions. But the new facility has much more to offer than just its proximity to China’s automotive hub.

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Create | Our Markets

graphic © Getty Images

Small molecule, great potential

Green hydrogen is poised to play a key role in the energy transition. GF Piping Systems is preparing for a rapidly growing business. You can check out Our Markets to see how.

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Create | Innovator’s Insight

graphic ©  Clara Philippzig

Saving nerves, time and money

One photo is all the Mobile Parts Finder needs to identify the spare part you need. Volker Reichmann presents the new app for field service technicians at GF Machining Solutions in Innovator’s Insight.

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Time Machine: 1926 © Eisenbibliothek

Early talent factory

Seemingly unimpressed by the photographer’s presence, budding pattern makers go at it at their workbenches. Most apprentices began their fouryear training at GF at around 16 years of age. Our photo shows several cohorts making wooden patterns for cast component molds. Precision was essential and painstakingly checked by the instructor (the gentleman with mustache and tie). GF founded the factory school, which had its own classrooms and workshops, as early as 1918. This was even before the introduction of state-regulated vocational training. In its early days, some 40 apprentices a year were trained in various professions. In the 1950s, the number of trainees rose to an impressive 80.

Location: GF factory school in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Training profession: Pattern maker

Foundation of the school: 1918


Connect | Our Customers

graphic © Robert Lowdon

A shared road to success

After starting business in 2007 with one GF milling machine, today Canadian machining ­company Miltera is more of a GF partner than a GF customer, thanks to a uniquely productive collaboration. See how GF Machining Solutions and Miltera celebrate success together as sparring partners.

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Connect | There’s GF in it

graphic © GF

A bigger splash

Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, is the largest theme park in Europe, with more than 6 million visitors every year. The theme park rides run smoothly thanks to solutions from GF Piping Systems.

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Connect | Did You Know?

graphic © Getty Images

More efficient than ever

GF Machining Solutions now has the energy certificates to prove that the newer generations of machines consume less energy than their predecessors. We also reveal the value of maintaining a good connection to customers in this regard, and offer three more facts about the certificates.

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Your Feedback: More entertainment? You got it!


Dear Globe team,

I am an avid Globe reader, but occasionally I yearn for entertaining participatory sections in the magazine. Since I make a habit of reading Globe on the train on the way home, I would like to be entertained in a light way that also includes playful contributions.

Participant in the Winter 2022 Globe reader survey


Dear colleague,

We’re happy to hear you are an ardent Globe fan and even incorporate the magazine into your daily routine.

We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer you and all our colleagues an easy and playful introduction to the new issue of Globe with this newly designed double page spread, which you are currently reading (here): It invites you to puzzle, try out recipes and browse – all while keeping our global GF family in mind. Just get started!

Regards, your Globe editorial team

We invite everyone to contact us at any time with entertaining short contributions.

And how about you?

Do you have feedback for Globe, or would you like to ask the Globe editorial team a question? Then send an e-mail to: globe@georgfischer.com


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