ISSUE 1·2021

Which role does e‑mobility play for you?

Edward Schick, EDM Sales Support at GF Machining Solutions in Losone (Switzerland)

graphic © Sebastian Berger
Edward Schick started his career at GF Machining Solutions in 2013 at the Schorndorf Center of Competence (Germany) as an application engineer in Milling. After a further education as mechanical engineering technician, Edward Schick worked in Sales Support until the end of 2019. Since then, he has been providing support for the Technical Unit EDM in Losone (Switzerland).

In my everyday life I encounter e-mobility in many different ways. On the way to work and to the supermarket or when going out in the evening, for example, many people dash past me with e-bikes, e-scooters or e-cars on the streets and sidewalks. I have the feeling that there are more and more e-vehicles and that many people have bought e-bikes in recent months, due to having more free time as a result of short-time work during the coronavirus crisis.

Like everything in life, e-mobility has advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, I see that I can cover long distances in a short time, for example with an e-bike, and thus have the opportunity to discover places.

Even though I don't own an e-vehicle, I have already ridden an e-scooter, in the summer of 2019 on my city trip to Zagreb (Croatia). It was fun and worked out perfectly. After only a short time the scooter can be steered safely, not only on tarmac, but also over cobblestones. An e-scooter is very well suited to cover short distances while exploring, for example from a point of interest to cafés and shops. But I do not recommend to explore the whole city with an e-scooter, because while driving, your attention should always be on the road rather than on beautiful sights.

Anastasia Kochina, Technical and Sales Manager at GF Piping Systems in Moscow (Russia)

graphic © Arthur Bondar
Anastasia Kochina has been working at GF Piping Systems in Moscow (Russia) for more than six years now. She is a Technical Specialist and Sales Manager in the Business Unit Industry and enjoys the variety of her duties: presentations and trainings about the entire GF Pipings Systems portfolio as well as helping customers in choosing the right solutions.

In Russia, e-cars can hardly be seen on the roads, as the whole infrastructure for this kind of transportation is underdeveloped. Compared to the price of electricity, the price of petrol is very low in my country. At present, we are aware that, compared to other countries, Russia is far behind when it comes to e-mobility, but we are slowly catching up. In March 2020, for example, Russia was quarantined because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But at the same time, when the government eased the restrictions, the old generation of trolleybuses in Moscow was completely replaced by new electric buses.

In addition, e-scooters are becoming popular in Russia. At first, they were available for private use only, but now there are also some for rent in the streets of big cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow. These cities with one million residents or more have one big problem: traffic jams. During rush hour, it can easily take one to 1.5 hours by car to cover a distance of about 20 kilometers—so e-scooters are a good alternative to cars. Personally I use e-scooters primarily when I travel in European cities. For instance, last summer I travelled to Malaga (Spain) and there I used this service to get around the local sights. That was fun!

graphic © Sebastian Berger
Edward Schick, a member of the Sales Support team, provides information to the international Sales Companies at GF Machining Solutions. His work helps the Sales Engineers respond to customers’ needs more effectively.
graphic © Arthur Bondar
Anastasia Kochina joined GF in 2014 as a Technical Specialist in building services before moving to the Industry department two years later.
graphic © Sebastian Berger
Even though Edward Schick’s job often involves sitting at a desk, his favorite part is seeing the machines at GF in action.
graphic © Arthur Bondar
Anastasia Kochina loves the personal interactions she has in her job. Solving problems and identifying the right applications for customers are what motivates her.

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